Welcome to our! We are a luxury custom home construction company located in the heart of Sacramento. We take pride in our unrivaled attention to details, affordable price, high quality and a flexible schedule that is available to you 24/7. We always make sure that we exceed client expectation in everything that we do.

With our many years of experience in the construction industry, we are responsible for the most luxurious houses in the Sacramento area that you can ever find. To assure you of our high quality houses, you can check out only we build the best houses in the area, we have the best price and the premium quality houses. In fact, our best deal for today is ultra luxury that is priced under $100 per square foot while other construction companies charge them at $200 plus.

Our highly skilled team provides personalized services for each client. We understand that each client is unique and have their own preference when building their luxury homes. Our team makes sure that all your needs have been catered and you feel comfortable working with us before we even start constructing your luxury homes. That is how efficient we work! Our team is available 24/7 to discuss with you any concerns while the project is in progress or even when the project has been completed. We have an excellent customer service so you will not have to worry is something would come up in the middle of the night as you are assured we will be there to help you.

We have an outstanding relationship with any government agencies due to the exemplary job that we do aside from meeting the entire requirements from building permits to environment permits. So you are assured that not only we work for the benefit of our company, we also make sure that we do not harm the environment when we are constructing your luxurious homes. We also believe in the safety of our employees especially when they are at work and that is our number one priority. Nobody should ever be harmed while at work even the community so we always have precautionary measures taken.

“No one can beat our prices or quality, our work speaks for itself’, is the motto that each employee takes pride and believes in. That is why we make sure that every client that we are dealing is always provided with the best affordable price with an amazing quality. This is to make sure that they come back to us for their next construction project. This has been our secret for the past years we have been in the construction industry. While others have failed to get higher returns, we have increased in ours as we offer the best to all our clients. If you want to have a premium quality luxury home but with a reasonable construction cost, you should work with us, Astra Construction. We are always ready to accommodate any projects you want us to do. Join us and see the difference!